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About John Pierosara

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Both his parents were born in Italy. His artistic genes come from his mother's side of the family.

In the early 80's John studied sculpture at Saydie Bronfman Centre for the Arts in Montreal. Achieved a Bachelor in Fine Arts at Concordia University. John attended Encaustics workshops in both San Miguel de Allende, Mexico & New York. He has explored various mediums such as Encaustic, Oil, Acrylic as well as Stone, Metal, & Clay for sculpture.

John's ideas and inspirations come simply from everyday life & his travels. He likes to face a blank canvas when night falls so he is not distracted by what is going on around him that is a magical moment when his ideas become his artwork.

If you have any questions just contact us we will answer them for you as soon as possible. Si vous avez des questions contactez nous et nous vous repondrons aussitot que possible.

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